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Shower and Latrine Facilities

Alaska Shower and Latrine Facilities are portable, self-contained systems made in the USA. These systems can be installed in 4-person, 6-person, 8-person and 10-person configurations. Each facility also includes sinks, plumbing system, water heaters, water pumps, bladders for potable, grey and black water, ventilation and lighting / electrical kits. A 4-Person Shower or Latrine Facility can easily be packed and transported on one 463L pallet.

||  Alaska Shower-In-A-Box™ and Latrine-In-A-Box™ Specifications:

  • Made of moulded high-density plastic
  • System contains fabric walls and entry curtain
  • Spring-loaded door for access and privacy (Latrine system only)
  • Self-contained plumbing
  • Collapses into a forkliftable box

||  Wash Basin

Sink Specification:

  • Powder-coated cabinet with closable lid
  • Aluminum basins and mirrors
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