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Water Heater

Mobilis Medical can provide large flash water heater injection systems for its field hospitals, thus delivering warm water for showers and other hospital requirements.

||  Features and Benefits

  • Diesel-fired water heater provides warm water showers and soap
  • Water with a 40-degree temperature rise in 30 seconds
  • Dosatron mixer injects pre-set percent solution to provide emulsifying wash
  • Electronic ignition provides reliable starting in all conditions
  • Man-portable with turf tyres and guide handles
  • Thermostatic Temperature Valve allows easy manipulation of water temperature
  • In-line water filter effectively removes sediment and other debris from input water
  • Stainless steel construction is non-corrosive to provide years of reliable service
  • Multiple outputs allow for operation of up to two shelters from one heater
  • Five gallon diesel can provide up to 2 hours continuous operation
  • Cam Lock Fittings provide easy hook up by suited technicians
  • Pressure Reduction Valve prevents system damage from high pressure inputs
  • Dimensions 41” L x 30” W x 35 1/2” H



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