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With increased technology comes a requirement for increased power. Mobilis Medical can offer Alaska Structures' low-voltage and high-voltage power generation and power distribution systems. Portable power generation and distribution systems are battlefield proven, state-of-the-art, high voltage and low voltage systems especially designed to meet all the power needs of today’s advanced military.

||  Features and Benefits

  • Portable generators (high and low voltage) ideal for expeditionary short-term to long-term deployments
  • Specifically designed and engineered for durability and reliability in extreme weather and unforgiving locations
  • Soundproof carry cages
  • Can be trailer mounted or skid mounted and are capable of being forklifted from all four sides
  • Choose from standard power generation and distribution packages for versatility and scalability
  • Features lifting handles, transformers, leads, power boards
  • Features prime power and backup power systems
  • Generators from 20 kW to 750 kW
  • US and EU voltage systems - Meets US National Electric Code and International Electric Code
  • Up to 12 shelters can be powered off one generator



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