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Mobilis Medical Supports the NCCTRC Ausmat Surgical & Anaesthetic Course Darwin


Mobilis Medical Supports the NCCTRC Ausmat Surgical & Anaesthetic Course Darwin

1st September 2014

Recently Mobilis Medical personnel made the trip to Darwin to provide support to the Australian Medical Assistance Team (Ausmat) Surgical & Anaesthetic Course designed to provide training for disaster surgery and anaesthetics in the field. The course was run under the facilitation of the NCCTRC.

The NCCTRC has a mandate to deliver trauma and disaster training to clinicians in Australasia, the Pacific Rim & Southeast Asia. The course was run by Dr Nicholas Coatsworth, the acting executive director of the NCCTRC and his team, with specialist support provided by several internationally recognised visiting physicians. One of these, Dr Chris Giannou, is considered the leading battlefield surgeon in the world and the leading authority on conducting surgery under extreme conditions.

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He was the lead author on a book called “War Surgery: Working with Limited Resources in Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence” published by the International Red Cross. Dr Giannou has carried out international surgical missions around the world on behalf of the International Red Cross.

The emphasis of the course was on the approach and techniques required as part of a remote deployment to an at times, hostile area of need, involving initial patient triage and monitoring, surgical basics and anaesthesia. Typically, those patients waiting for surgical help will include up to 90% with orthopaedic injuries. The other emphasis being on contaminated wound management, ophthalmology, obstetrics, paediatrics and burn care. As part of this process our role was to assist with the logistical planning for the field exercise which involved setting up a fully functioning self-contained field operating theatre. The field deployment took place in bushland which is part of the Robertson Barracks, a major Australian Army base located on the outskirts of Darwin.

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