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Humanitarian disasters occur when the human, physical, economic or environmental damage from an event, or series of events, overwhelms a community’s capacity to cope. Whether through a naturally occurring disaster such as an earthquake, drought or storm or through man-made hazards such as conflict, pollution or industrial accident, the resulting turmoil and chaos can displace populations and cause extensive damage to societies and economies.

The number and scale of complex emergencies has surged in the past decade with the proliferation and intensification of civil conflicts. Natural disasters are becoming a more regular occurrence around the world, and the need for medical support on the ground in sometimes inhospitable areas is increasing in demand. Through our relationship with one of the world leaders in providing turn-key hospital solutions around the world, Blu-Med Response Systems, Mobilis Medical is able to provide a large variety of military and civilian hospital solutions.

Mobilis provides Governments, Health Agencies, Emergency Responders and NGOs with fully equipped, rapidly deployable, robust field hospital shelters. These shelters can be configured for your hospital or shelter needs, creating small or large systems. Our shelters are stronger, safer, more comfortable, easier and more economical to mobilise than any other structure - fabric or conventional. Though portable, they can also be used for permanent facilities.

These portable medical structures can be rapidly deployed to meet the medical and operational needs in extreme conditions around the world and are climate controlled to withstand a range of weather conditions such as winds, rain and snow loading. The field hospitals can be dismantled and packed up efficiently and easily.

We also provide essential medical equipment and supplies, such as ward beds, and intensive care beds, as well as logistics services for arranging shipping and transporting of supplies, equipment, and other goods in response to emergencies and disasters, and technical consulting services regarding the design and implementation of mobile hospital and treatment facilities for use in emergency and disaster response.

Along with the infrastructure, Mobilis Medical’s offerings cover a broad range of standard and specialised medical equipment solutions from the highest quality consumables, patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment through to technologically advanced surgical systems and fully digital operating rooms.

||  Turnkey Mobile Field Hospital Available 

Mobilis Medical has a six shelter field hospital available on permanent standby in our Brisbane facilities that can be deployed using Mobilis staff within 24 hours’ notice. The hospital can be configured according to your medical requirements in terms of vestibules, internal equipment, furniture, Environmental Control Units etc.



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