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For Defence

Within the Defence arena, our aim is to help our customers by providing advanced medical care at point of need as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our key capability areas for Defence include:

  • Rapidly deployable shelter systems and associated ancillary equipment such as power, lighting, environmental control
  • Standard and specialised medical equipment and consumables thus providing a complete integrated medical centre or hospital
  • Product training and technical support
  • TGA approval on all products
  • Equipment maintenance and warehousing facilities

Our world-leading rapidly deployable shelter systems are used for nearly every building application including full scale disaster relief facilities, mobile hospitals and clinics, isolation systems, military facilities, medical complexes, morgues, warehouses, aviation hangars, incarceration complexes, housing, as well as many other military operational applications large or small, remote or otherwise.

These lightweight, portable and easy to assemble medical structures can be rapidly deployed to meet the medical and operational needs in extreme conditions around the world and are climate controlled to withstand a range of weather conditions such as winds, rain and snow loading. The field hospitals can be dismantled and packed up efficiently and easily without any evidence they were ever there.

Along with the infrastructure, Mobilis Medical’s offerings cover a broad range of standard and specialised medical equipment solutions from the highest quality consumables, patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment through to technologically advanced surgical systems and fully digital operating rooms.

||  Turnkey Mobile Field Hospital Available 

Mobilis Medical has a six shelter field hospital available on permanent standby in our Brisbane facilities that can be deployed using Mobilis staff within 24 hours’ notice. The hospital can be configured according to your medical requirements in terms of vestibules, internal equipment, furniture, Environmental Control Units etc.



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